#2 Destination Unknown

So I have been told that quite a few of you folks have been curious as to what on earth is going on with me right now. Some know very well what I’m up to… but some don’t! So I’ve decided to write a good, thorough (that means loooooong) post to answer all your curious little questions!

On the surface, it’s mostly these few things splattered across my social media… Work stuff like TV hosting, modeling, commercials, singing, event appearances…. Some fitness stuff… Some kick-ass foods… And recently, a truckload of travelling (I know, it’s been getting out of hand lately, but to be fair… I did actually plan a few holidays a good year in advance and happened to slot in a few impromptu ones along the way plus a couple of work ones making me seem like a serious jet setter! Which, I guess I kind of am at this point….).

So to be fair, it is completely understandable for people to be super confused as to what I am doing (even I get confused sometimes when people ask me what I do!). Because it seems like I’m doing everything. Which… I kind of am. But hear me out here. It’s the performing arts, or for lack of a better word, ENTERTAINMENT industry. You truly need to be a jack-of-all-trades and a master of some. It is a commodity to be able to host, sing, act, model, and ultimately, be an entrepreneur of your own brand. If you want to survive in this industry, that’s what you gotta have.

So let’s get down to business!


To keep it as simple as possible (a ridiculously hard feat for me…), you can just check out my “about me”. But then, you will notice that there is nothing simple about me and more so how I try to explain things… Because that entry is so flippin’ lengthy it’s ridiculous. I somehow adore beating around the bush. But not completely purposefully! I really do try to keep things short but my attempts are mostly futile. Unless I have to tweet. That I’m kind of forced to. Anyway! If you’re really bored and really like to read, then you’ll be in for a good time, hahaha!


But truly, is there really anything simple about anyone? Human beings are complex creatures; biologically and characteristically! People sometimes get all modest and will claim:

I am just a simple guy…” or
I am just a simple girl…” (okay, now THIS statement is much less used… hardly any girl thinks she’s simple. After all, how could we if we are constantly told how complicated we are?).

Let’s face it, not even the simplest of simplest guy is really that simple. Give yourself some more self worth, how ‘bout it, huh?

ANYWAY! Back to the matter at hand. Jeez, Nat. Focus.


With my awesome colleagues at HSBC Brentwood Branch!

With my awesome colleagues at HSBC Brentwood Branch!

I was studying to get my Bachelor’s in Finance in Vancouver, Canada when I was 20. Graduated 2 years later and worked at HSBC Bank Canada for another couple of years before I decided that living the North American dream (whatever that is) may not exactly be my dream. So I packed my bags, travelled the world (not much of the world… mostly North America and Asia…), got some worldly insights, had an epiphany (not exaggerating), and decided to come back home (that’s Malaysia) and dive into the entertainment industry.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I didn’t know precisely what I wanted to do. I just knew that with the stubborn perseverance I had, the constant urge to challenge myself, and some serious self-confidence, I could do anything I want.

I won the title of First Runner-Up!

I won the title of First Runner-Up!

I also knew, thanks to advice from my best friends and my sister, that the few ways to get quick recognition are through pageants and competitions. Hence, Miss Universe Malaysia 2013! Go big or go home, right?

The pageant was an amazing platform that boosted me more than I expected and I am ever so grateful for it.

Essentially, I went from being a financial geek to a…. whatever it is I am right now. You know, under “occupation” whenever I fill up official documents especially when I’m travelling, I always have a different occupation. It’s really fun because it’s all true! I range from a musician, singer, TV host, journalist (glorified word for “writer”), model, actor. I always have a good conversation about my work with immigration officers! 

It’s actually really crazy because just over a year ago, I was slaving away in a desk job that bored me to tears and now, I am sitting at a Starbucks, drinking my earl-grey tea latte on a Saturday morning, working on my lappy. I love that my office is my MacBook Air.



Those of you who follow me closely will know that I’ve been involved with mostly TV hosting, commercial modeling, catwalk modeling, catalogue modeling, and celebrity appearances. That’s pretty much what I have actually been doing. On top of this, I have been drawing up a 5 year-plan, executing the first year plan with decent success (always thinking I could do better but still happy with what I’ve accomplished so far), doing a bit of travelling (okay, a lot… but some are ACTUALLY for work), and doing side projects like fictional writing, song-writing, song covers, to name a few.



My debut as an artist at the Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 Gala Night

My debut as an artist at the Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 Gala Night

This is related to what I’ve been up to. So, after my first epiphany to make that big move from Vancouver to Malaysia, I had another epiphany to go into singing. Okay so this epiphany was really more of a well-thought decision.

I was going to sing. But not just any singer… I aspire to be an artist.

I am going to admit this right here. I am not an amazing singer. I ain’t no Christina Aguilera or Adele. But I mean, I have a voice and I can hold a tune and I’ve got some moves here and there. However, I personally believe that being a singer is not just the ability to sing amazingly well. It’s the whole package.

I love dancing, singing, playing the piano, and writing. So with that skillset, I figured I’d make a decent pop artist. That’s why it’s important to understand the difference between being just a singer… and an artist. There really IS more to it.

So in August, I was officially signed to Awesome Productions my management company that will be working together with me to breach the Chinese-Taiwanese Pop Entertainment Industry.

And since May, I have been working hard on learning Mandarin. Yup, I was a hopeless banana. Now, I am proud to say I can hold a super short conversation with a Mandarin speaker without them realizing that I am still a total noob at this language. One of the best feelings in the world, I tell ya!

On top of that, there’s vocal classes because well… I just mentioned how “awesome pawesome” my vocals are.

So things have been preeeetty crazy for me for the past year. You’re probably thinking… “Then why the heck would you want to start up a blog too, you crazy woman?”. Well, for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I feel like I am on this journey. And the destination is unknown. It’s a scary thing diving into this. This is a volatile industry, competition is tough, and people can be malicious. But then again, what industry doesn’t have all these risks, right? There are people who believe in me, people who pretend to, and people who don’t. This blog right here is not only to monument my journey of reaching for my dreams. And just as much as my readers are, I am extremely curious as to where this journey will take me. From time to time, it does get nerve-wrecking and I’ve been put into really tight spots and tough situations plenty-a-time. But not for a single moment did I ever thought that I want out. This is it. This is the path I have chosen… and I am going all the way.

Writing is truly a passion. And so is singing. Dancing. Playing the piano. To be able to do all these things; which are mostly hobbies for most people; as a living, that’s living the dream.

Hey, we’ve only got one life to live. Why waste it on something we don’t absolutely love doing?

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