#3 My 2014 Resolutions

photoI was never one who made New Year resolutions simply from the fact that I just saw far too many resolutions being broken. Also, I am careful with setting goals for myself because I know that once I do that, I will do everything I can to reach those goals. Because of this, I think it is important to be careful because you don’t want to end up working on stupid goals. If you are going to spend time and effort, you had better be spending it on something worthwhile!

So I had a good think about what sort of goals I wanted to set for myself this year and I came up with a few resolutions! But before that, I think it’s important to have these points in mind when making your resolutions:

  1. It can’t be too easy to achieve! Else there really isn’t any point in making a resolution. It has to feel like you’ve put in SIGNIFICANT effort in order to feel like a million dollars when you actually reach your goal.
  2. Then, of course, it can’t be TOO difficult else you’d be inclined to give up before you even begin.
  3. If there is more than one resolution, you need to prioritize them! I think this is important to avoid goals clashing with each other.
  4. As I said just now, you need to choose goals which are worth your while. And be realistic about it. You need to have some foresight… if the goals are personal enough to you and will benefit you in the long run or give some sort of intrinsic value, you know enough that you will put the time in to reach those goals.

With that in mind, you’re all set in making your resolutions! So here are mine (in order of importance!):

#1 To be able to speak fluent Mandarin before the year is out!
I am actually pretty proud of myself of how far I have come in my mandarin speaking abilities. Half a year ago (mid 2013), I was a full-on “banana” (that means I was a lousy Chinese who can’t speak Chinese). And now, I can actually speak basic conversational mandarin and even read and type texts in mandarin!! 我真的很开心啊!但我还要进步多一点。我希望有一天,我就可以写一个中文的blog post! Okay, so it’s not amazing but at least I can get the message across right?

So yup, having Mandarin in the bag for me is super important for my current career path. Being a Chinese singer/songwriter not only requires me to be able to write my songs in Chinese but to also attend press conferences, interviews and talk shows… It’s going to be a tough year breaching into the Chinese industry but I always like a good challenge!

#2 Get closer to God.
I want to make it a point to prioritize cell group and attending mass on weekends to keep a good relationship with God. And even if I do travel, I would love to attend any Church in the vicinity just to make sure God knows I’m thinking of Him 🙂 

#3 To launch my first EP (mini album) and MV (music video) with success!
I think my definition of success here would be a decent response to my album launch. So I’m going to throw in a random number here for fun but I think a good 10,000 copies before the year is out would make me pretty stoked!

I think I want to keep it to these 3 main goals in order to not lose focus. I’ve set up several other mini goals, which are related to my career path such as building audience through my social media assets and other physical platforms, but at the end of it, if I can achieve my 3 main resolutions this year; that would be amazing.

Can’t wait to look back at this post a year from now to see what I’ve accomplished!

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