#4 The Funny Thing about Rumours


Author’s note: It’s a post written on a whim due to emo temper issues! Do not mind the language.


Here’s what my take is on rumours. They are generally bullshit stories people come up with about other people to make themselves feel better because they cannot seem to mind their own flippin’ business.

Here’s what the dictionary defines “rumour”:

rumour |ˈruːmə| (USrumor)


a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth

Let’s highlight something pretty key here…. DOUBTFUL truth. That’s right. Doubtful meaning it’s UNLIKELY to be true. Yet, everyone seems to just jump on believing rumours super quickly. Wait! Let me rephrase. Everyone seems to just jump on believing BAD rumours super quickly. 

For some ridiculous reason, people absolutely adore believing the worst in other people. If it’s news about something… the worse and more scandalous it is, the quicker people will believe it!

Now, let’s get to the fun part. The crap people come up with about me. Mind you, I’ve known this for many, many, many years… but honestly, I’ve never ever bothered defending myself because when rumours are not true, then, there really is nothing to defend about, is there?

The reason why I feel inclined to write about this today is simply because I feel betrayed by a good friend. When acquaintances, friends of friends, or strangers come up with ridiculous poppycock stories about you, you brush it off. When your GOOD friends start circulating bad and ridiculous rubbish about you, it really hits home. You know who you are… And you suck as a friend.

Anyway, the mean things that generally circulate about me are pretty common stuff people circulate about other people who they simply can’t find anything really super bad to talk about. Also, if you don’t really KNOW someone, sometimes, based on what little impressions you get of that someone, you can easily misunderstand that person.

So the most common thing that goes around about me is:


Really? Is that the best you can do? Please come up with something more creative. Plus, it’s not even that bad of a thing, if you really think about it. Seriously though, those who know me will know super well that I’m not cut out to be a player. The number one reason? I am too damn emotional. This trait alone makes it seriously impossible to be a player. You can’t play people out when you know you’ll end up caring about them too much!!  Also the fact that I had 2 long-term relationship (at least 2 years each!) is pretty good evidence that I’m really out looking for love. Cue *awwwwwwww*



Now, this is a favourite. Unfortunately, if you date anyone who is wealthy or wealthier than you, you are automatically deemed a gold-digger. There’s no running away from that. Even worse if the dude is old, ugly, fat or the whole shindig combination. Then, it’s like, “Confirm she’s a gold-digger lor!”

I was actually in high school when I was first called a gold-digger. I mean, people still call me one now which I think is less hilarious than before simply because I’ve actually dated rich guys since. But nooooobody talks about the poorbies that I dated. Nope! Poorbies aren’t interesting enough.

There’s really no winning in this. You date a richer guy who ain’t good-looking… you’re a gold-digger. You date a poorer guy who’s good-looking… you’re shallow. You date a good-looking rich guy… he’s an asshole and he’ll cheat on you eventually, sucker. You date a poor ugly guy… the heck are you thinking?

Conclusion? Regardless of the situation, people are always gonna talk shit about you.

Great illustration below:

 this-is-our-society-copy-480x358No matter what… no matter who… Just no matter! People will find some kind of reason to talk.

Anyhow anyway, player… gold-digger… shallow… materialistic… these are the kind of rumours that I’m glad goes around because I don’t need guys who believe rumours to pursue me. And I have enough amazing and super incredible friends in my life so I don’t exactly have the desire to make everyone my bff. 

But come on, stop spending your time on worthless gossips like these. There are a billion topics out there far more interesting and worth discussing other than talking bad things about others… especially if you have absolutely no evidence for those things to be true. If talking and thinking negative thoughts about others is what rocks your boat, you’re just going to end up getting all nauseas from seasickness because seriously… it’s not the healthiest method to be a happy camper.

For those who suffer from being gossiped about (not everyone is as thick-skinned as I am and may not be able to take these hits of negativity), don’t take these harsh rumours to heart. Of course, if they are true, maybe you ought to reflect upon yourself and try to be a better person. However, if it’s something you are actually proud of and don’t think there’s any wrong in it, then take a firm stand and don’t let pathetic gossipers break you down. Also, have kick-ass reasons to back you up with especially if you’re taking a stand against social norms. Just a word of advice!

Phew! I feel better. I’m sure those who like to write will know exactly how I feel. Writing truly is a great venue to vent out your frustrations. Also, it’s a healthy way to keep negative feelings away from your heart.

But here’s a direct message to my backstabbing friend (assuming he/she reads this)… You seriously suck but I’ll forgive you because I’m nice. Shame on you!

Plus, to the ones who decided to listen and not give me the benefit of the doubt… Shame on you too!

How’s about we try to make the world a better place and for once in your life, try not to believe every single rumour you hear? Please and thank you!

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