Introducing… Dr. Love


A magical thing that can be both our ecstasy and our doom. I’m not here to explain about love or to give you the all the answers you are looking for regarding this paradoxical subject. Because that’s really not possible.

I just want to clarify that Dr. Love isn’t me. It isn’t anyone. It is something (or technically; someone) I have created as a channel to voice out my opinions about anything and everything to do with the most talk about subject in the world.

I mean, I have “Ink Spills of My Heart” to document my career journey in the entertainment world. But I’m not a robot. I don’t just work, work, work and not have a love life. Having a space to vent out relationship related frustrations and to discuss views and opinions about love and relationships can give us all better perspectives too!

So I guess the first order of business is probably to discuss my current relationship status. Honestly, I’m quite a private person… contrary to the obvious fact that I’m technically a public figure. I choose what I want people to see and I keep quite a lot of areas in my life private… especially my relationship status.

Hence, the only thing I’m going to discuss about my relationship status is that I am single until I’m married. I don’t want to publicly display my relationship status not because I am embarrassed of my current/future significant other. If I’m with that person, I will be far from embarrassed! After all, your significant other is probably one of the best reflections of you and the type choices you make, right?

I don’t like doing it because I personally believe more problems will arise doing that than doing the latter. I already have people judging almost every point in my life they can so I’m going to keep my relationships for just myself (and my close circle or friends and family) to judge.

I’m not going to lie; I totally judge those who break up on Facebook for, like, a day. That’s a joke. Literally. It’s really quite hilarious. If you’ve done this before, you are an attention whore, don’t even try to deny it. As much as I like attention (duh, else I’m definitely in the wrong business), there’s a difference between GOOD attention and BAD attention.

Having said that, I do understand the strange innate need to flaunt and show off your amazing relationship to the world. Because once upon a time, I used to have that need but I grew out of it… and then grew some sense. Seriously, no good comes from flaunting your relationship on social media… unless you’re a selfish person. Think about it. Flaunting to the whole world that you are super duper happy with your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t going to make them super duper happy. If anything, it’ll just spark potential jealousy and bitterness. The only people that will jump on your bandwagon of happiness are your close friends and family who genuinely care about your wellbeing and happiness. But if they were your close friends and family, they would already KNOW if you are in an awesome relationship without you having to flaunt it on social media, am I right? So the only person that you are making happy by doing this is yourself. Therefore, I think it’s a pretty selfish act.

I’m not saying to scratch it out completely. I mean, if you feel the need (or perhaps your significant other does) to announce to people you are seeing someone therefore unavailable and do not want anyone to bother you, by all means, do it! Or if you’re going to do it and do it at a minimal basis so much so it doesn’t get on people’s nerves, go right ahead! But if you’re going to perform social media PDA, be prepared to imagine people rolling their eyes at your display and be secretly (or openly) jealous and bitter about your relationship.

And then if poop hits the fan and you break up, people will then be rolling their eyes AND smirking. Of course, by “people” I mean the randoms that are following you on your social media. Not your friends and family, of course. They would be more empathetic about it, I’m sure. Unless, of course, you get together and break up with the same guy at least 5 times in 2 months. In that case, no one is going to feel sorry for you. Not you Mom or your Dad. Not even your cat. Your dog, maybe. Because dogs are awesome and they never judge you.

I can go on and on about how I just don’t think flaunting relationship status on your social media isn’t the greatest idea. Having said that, it is also dependent on your viewership. If you’re anything above pseudo celebrity status (Example of pseudo celebrities are such as; a hot girl with a ton of followers for not much reasons other than the fact that they are hot), then, not a good idea. If your viewership is limited to your circle of friends and family and you’ve pretty much privatized everything… by all means!

Mmm… I do miss writing like this. I think topics of love and relationships are quite fun to write about because it’s all so subjective and there’s no right or wrong… just a matter of perspective.

But I’m sleepy now and also satisfied my writing bug. So adieu for now and stay tuned for a lot of updates coming this way this week!!

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