#18 Buckle Up

So I’ve finally made the big leap. Back when I first signed with my current management, AM MEDIA, in August of 2014, my manager told me I wasn’t ready for the ocean just yet. Jamie advised me to test out the pond first (that’s Singapore) before jumping to swim with the big fishes (greater China).

After a good year of preparation (blood, sweat & tears muddled in between), I am finally ready to take the giant leap into the next venture of my career.

Moving my life once again to a new country is definitely a foreboding thought to say the least. You’d think I’d be used to it by now seeing as I’ve done this 3 times already!

It’s true that with my experiences and a tremendous load of help from Jamie (my language comprehension is still a barrier especially when it comes to official documentation and all that boring stuff), the move was, for the most part, pretty smooth.

Now it’s about making the adjustment. I am grateful that my work has brought me to– at the very least– the most advance and sort-of foreigner friendly city in China… Shanghai!!

There’s still a lot of getting use to in terms of pedestrian culture (constant vigilance required), the no effs given attitude of the general public, and the extreme lack of use of the English language. Also, using VPN is a biatch.

But hey, obstacles are what you see when you lose sight of your goal.

The lack of care for pedestrians culture in China just prompts us to be more aware of our surroundings.

The give-no-effs attitude teaches us to be more independent and solidifies the idea that if you want to get something done properly, do it yourself.

And finally, the lack of English usage is the perfect environment for me to improve my Chinese!!

Only just, I overheard a conversation between an old couple and a white dude. ALL IN MANDARIN. That white guy’s Chinese certainly put mine to shame. I learnt that he had only moved to China 6 months ago!! 6 months!!!

2 months in Taiwan did me good in terms of being able to get around and communicate on a decent level but if I’m going to not just survive but to indulge in the Chinese entertainment industry, I had better step up my game!

After overhearing that conversation, I have a new found motivation to bring my Chinese level to where it needs to be.

You see, being in the entertainment circle, the grasp in any given language needs to be at an EXTRAordinary level. That’s me emphasizing the “extra” in the “ordinary”. In essence, it has to be above the average. That means having good grammar, a wide range of vocabulary, playing with accents and delivery, so on and so forth.

It’s the difference between good and great. And as far as I know and have been taught, this difference is by far one of the most difficult barriers to overcome in anything that we do.

To be a successful singer, actor… essentially “artiste”… I would need to up my level as a person in general. Not just embracing languages but improving myself as a person in every single way. Be it character, temperament, work ethics, martial arts skills, athletic abilities, developing wits and humour, charisma, singing and dance skills, artistic attributes for producing quality… the list goes on and on.

When I signed on to take on this role as my career, it’s a pretty hefty responsibility. Being famous is not something I intend to take on lightly. As someone famous, you’ll have the power to greatly influence people.

As I aspire to become famous for the work that I produce and the person that I am, what am I if not to be someone people can look up to and follow in my footsteps to find and achieve their greater self?

Fame is power. And as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. Cliche but true.

I want to be a deserving person for people to look up to so I sure have my work cut out for me!

That being said, brings me to why it’s so important to buckle yourself up first.


If you can’t even save yourself, how do you expect to save others?

If I can’t stand for something, find my direction and achieve successes along the way, how can I expect others to look up to me or to follow in my footsteps?

So here I am, in the process of buckling myself up and getting ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Praying for a smooth enough journey and to be able to handle turbulences calmly and adeptly along the way!

Anticipating my arrival to my next destination filled with excitement, fervour and wonderment 🙂

Ready for take off.

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