#13 CITTA BELLA Malaysia: Fashion A-Z Feature AND Coach for Citta Bella

Natalia Ng was featured for back-to-back months on CITTA BELLA – 都会佳人 Malaysia Magazine:

In September 2016 issue, she was featured in the Fashion A-Z claiming the letter “N” (lower case n) representing her name.

Cittabella Fashion A-Z Feature Sep '16 Issue

CITTA BELLA Fashion A-Z Feature Sep ’16 Issue

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is each person’s venue for self-expression, so there’s no right or wrong in fashion.” – Natalia Ng

CITTA BELLA Fashion A-Z Feature Article - Page 1

CITTA BELLA Fashion A-Z Feature Article – Page 1

Translation for article above:

Other than Natalia’s good looks and frame, she’s also a rare intelligent artiste in the industry. From 14-16 years of age, she represented Kuala Lumpur state in Golf during SUKMA (Sukan Malaysia) and at 18 years old, after representing Selangor state and winning gold medals in two categories, she trained with Malaysia’s national golf team.

Shortly after, she moved to Canada to further her studies and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Finance. Natalia worked at HSBC Bank Canada for a year before deciding that wasn’t what she wanted to do for the rest of her life and decided to move back to South East Asia to pursue her dreams of being an actress and singer.

Her first step upon returning back to Malaysia was to join Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 and nabbed the first-runner up title.

Other than her modelling jobs that year, she took the role of being Tang Wei’s stand-in alongside Chris Hemsworth and Wang Lee Hom in the Hollywood movie 《Blackhat》. In 2014, she hosted two shows by MYEG one on Astro Supersports 《MYEG Xtra Time》and another on NTV7 《MYEG Make The Pitch》.

CITTA BELLA Fashion A-Z Feature Article - Page 2

CITTA BELLA Fashion A-Z Feature Article – Page 2

In 2015, she moved to Singapore to become one of the coveted Fox Sports TV Host hosting Fox Sports Central as well as the Fox Sports Daily 1-minute updates.

In 2016, Natalia finally found the opportunity to produce her EP Album in Shanghai. From modelling, hosting, acting and singing, not one scope of work within the industry was out of her grasp.

Being exposed to all facets within the industry, Natalia definitely will have an individualistic view on fashion. “Fashion is each person’s venue for self-expression, so there’s no right or wrong in fashion. We’ll always keep getting to see how fashion can evolve from person to person.”

As for herself, she prefers to wear simple and laid-back attire on a daily basis incorporating girlish and boyish elements. When she does dress up for events and red carpet appearances, however, she does appreciate a blend of materials such as lace detailing, chiffon layers, feather tassels, etc.

Next, in the magazine’s October 2016 issue,  Natalia was featured in COACH for CITTA BELLA:

Cittabella for Coach Oct '17 Issue

Citta Bella for Coach Oct ’17 Issue

Top to toe dressed in COACH.

Always love being featured in fashion magazines and learning more and more each time about fashion and finding my style!” – Natalia Ng

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