#14 First Single 《FLY》Press Conference, Press Release & Media Interviews!

Natalia’s first single 《FLY》officially dropped online on YouTube on 23rd November, 2016 and a couple of months later, held the official press conference in Redbox Plus Pavilion Karaoke in Malaysia.

According to Natalia’s official music label, Halo Music 海螺音乐, it’s rare for a new artiste to hold a press conference with just a single released without being attached to the EP Album or a full album. But apparently there’s enough hype about Natalia’s transition from the urban market and a TV host & model into a singer in the Chinese market PLUS with a stellar Music Video production that garnered a good enough excuse to hold one.


 Natalia 黄綵玲《FLY》Single Press Conference At Redbox Plus Pavilion Karaoke

It was an unnerving experience having a full day of interviews all in Chinese. Super exciting experience yet incredibly tiring on my half-conformed Chinese speaking brain.” – Natalia Ng


Below are the list of media whom of which attended the press conference and covered the release of Natalia’s first single:

Thank you to all the Malaysian press & media for the features!

Other than press & media releases, Natalia and her music producer of FLY, Aaron 黄一, also attended a full day of live interviews following the press conference; from TV interviews to radio interviews!


This was the promo for the Live Interviews on both channel NTV7 and 8TV in Malaysia!

On the adorable set of 8TV News!

On the adorable set of 8TV News hosted by Happy Gan & Christina Ng!

E7 interview on NTV7!

E7 interview on NTV7 hosted by Kyan!

Natalia was also invited to be interviewed on V Buzz Malaysia!

With V'buzz TV Hosts Juanita & Shareeta!

With V’buzz TV Hosts Juanita & Shareeta!

It was a lot of fun being on the flip side of the interview couch, if I were going to be honest. Of course, when I started off in this industry from Miss Universe Malaysia, I was interviewed a fair bit during those few months after but shortly after as I transitioned into a TV host, I got to be in the driver’s seat of interview sessions. And although that’s a skill & challenge of it’s own, but I have to admit, I much prefer being interviewed as opposed to conducting the interview. Regardless, it’s always fun to switch it up once in a while and it’s nice that I can sit on either side of the couch and still enjoy the ride!” – Natalia Ng


Attended two sessions of radio interviews starting with MYFM!

Aaron 黄一 (my music producer for FLY) and I in the MYFM's interview room conducted by in-house radio DJ Wayne Phoo.

Aaron 黄一 and I in the MYFM’s interview room conducted by in-house radio DJ Wayne Phoo.

They were also featured on ONEFM!

In the ONEFM studio with radio DJ Brandon!

In the ONEFM studio with radio DJ Brandon!

And that wraps up my Press Tour for my single 《FLY》!! Hardly a tour but still a pretty hectic schedule with 6 press interviews, 3 TV interviews and 2 radio interviews! Repeating oneself can get pretty tiresome but it comes with the package of promotion plus it makes for good practice.

Special thank you to Soh Ling from Halo Music for arranging my schedule and to Percy Phang (彭学斌) for preparing the press release media kit!

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