#16 Sisters Magazine Malaysia: Fashion Attitude

And at the same time in Malaysia of March 2017, Natalia Ng was featured in Sister Magazine Malaysia!

Sisters Magazine Malaysia March 2017 Issue

Sisters Magazine Malaysia March 2017 Issue

The team behind Natalia’s look:

Photography by Tommi Chu @ Blink Studio

Styling by Eng Seng

Makeup by Cat Yong

Hair by Cody Chua

Article can be found on page 69 under the Fashion & Style segment of Sisters Magazine Malaysia:

Page 69 of Sisters Magazine Malaysia March 2017 Issue

Page 69 of Sisters Magazine Malaysia March 2017 Issue

“勇于尝试不同的风格, 但也要保留自我时尚态度”

Always daring and open enough to try different fashion styles without ever forgoing my own fashion attitude.” – Natalia Ng

Natalia’s Q&A Interview as translated below:

My Profile



After winning the first-runner up title of Miss Universe Malaysia in 2013, Natalia kick-started her career in TV Hosting and Modelling.

Recently, she solidified her status as a singer after releasing her first single, “FLY” which received a great response thus far.



Q1: What is your fashion style?

On a daily basis, I prefer a neutral sense in fashion. Something in between girlish and boyish, as well as simplistic, comfortable and casual. Perhaps because I love sports, I like staying comfortable and functional without lacking that sporty fashion.

Q2: What is your fashion attitude?

There is no right and wrong in fashion. Everyone’s physical feature that stands out is unique to each person, so it’s about taking the courage to try all sorts of different styles and trends to discover what brings out the best you.

Q3: Were you born loving fashion?

I wouldn’t say I was born loving fashion, it was more of an accumulation of experience and exposure in the fashion world that allowed me to grow to love fashion.



Q4: What has Fashion taught you?

Fashion is a great medium to display your character and your style. I am a tomboy but I still have my girly side and that definitely shows in my fashion sense.

Q5: Where do you get your fashion inspirations?

Mostly from magazines online and offline as they always feature the latest trends and styles. However, before filming my Music Video, I watched a lot of other Music Videos online and learnt a lot on how fashion evolves with time.

Q6: What is the one fashion item you cannot go without?

My earrings! My left ear sports 3 earrings; 1 on my tragus, and these are my statement accessories I keep on always. It’s not super loud but it’s not unnoticeable either.

Q7: Who is your favourite Fashion Icon?

Donatella Versace. I especially admire the way she mix and matches different materials ranging from ostrich feathers to detailed beadings that really stands out and she never fails to design statement pieces that really captures a exquisite blend of femininity and exclusivity each fashion season!

Fashion is about something that comes from within you.

Just like art, fashion is a form of self-expression and I am always blown away by its ability to constantly evolve and make an impression!” – Natalia Ng

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