#21 Nu You #Wonderwoman article

Natalia featuring in Nu You #Wonderwoman article. Check out the interview below!


Natalia uses the word ‘Outstanding’ to describe women in the modern world. Women was a supporting role in the old days, which can only in-charge of minor stuff, but even so, women still manage to rise up and speak for their own, which leads to the changes of view of the world towards women. In nowadays, women’s work is highly recognized by the world, either as an entrepreneur or as a representative for a country. Natalia believes that it’s a good thing to encourage more and more women to live their life in their own way and gain experience from a different side, no matter in raising a child or building up a career or focus on philanthropy, women can create their own story.

Natalia thinks self-awareness is the most needed-factor for a modern woman. Self-awareness can help you analyze the right or wrong, true or fake of a thing, and lead you to the best way to your own self. In this information loaded time, it’s a firewall that can protect yourself from other’s opinions that may lead you to a bad decision.

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