#33 Automobile HK Feature with the Apollo N

Natalia has been featured in Automobile HK June issue with the Apollo N.


Q: How did the passion for sport at a young age play a role in shaping your current career as a beauty queen, TV host, singer, and actress? 

A: A few key traits from training to play competitive golf that I’ve been applying to my current career as an artist are discipline, perseverance, and working effectively under pressure. It takes discipline to be skilled at any job, and I do not allow setbacks and challenges to slow me down or let the idea of giving up seep in. I believe that it takes failure to grow into something great no matter what we do. What came in really handy is that due to my experience of playing in so many golf tournaments and participating in various sporting competitions growing up, I’m used to high-pressure situations and in turn, able to perform effectively to the best of my abilities. 


Q: What do you enjoy the most in the entertainment industry?

A: I love the creative aspect of the entertainment industry. I enjoy producing and creating so when I see my contribution to any work that has been released whether it is my songs, music videos, film or TV work, it gives me great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment! I also enjoy performing, particularly in acting. I find it vastly interesting to be able to play different roles in a film or show and it’s exciting to be able to experience so many different kinds of “lives”. 


Q: What do you love about cars, what are the important elements of a driving journey?

A: I appreciate a car’s functionality and convenience of those functions. User experience and car handling is something I emphasize on when I decide to buy a car. Secondary to that is, of course, the design and physical outlook of a car. I like chic and sleek designs and typically go for classic colours like  black or white.

Watch Natalia with Apollo N below:

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